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Enjoy nature along the route to the New River Dam and Yellow Water Dam at TBNSA.

Want to know about Zingiberales? Come and join us @TBNSA

Do you want to see beautiful landscapes? Everything in TBNSA

What to know about Herbs? Do not miss the opportunity to visit us @ TBNSA

You animal lovers? Do not miss the opportunity to visit the Animal Park @ TBNSA

Want to see the beauty of Paddy fields? Do not miss the opportunity visit us @ TBNSA

Starting April 1, 2015, accommodation facilities in TBNSA is CLOSED for maintenance purposes.

For Skytrex Adventure services, please browse www.skytrex-adventure.com or call  013-276 9841 for further information.

Please be informed that the Kampung Idaman Rest House is undergoing temporary closure due to repair/maintenance works.

Please note that there shall be no more fishing activities in TBNSA from 3 July, 2012 for the purpose of conservation and breeding. Only fly fishing activities at the Air Kuning Dam is permitted. Those who are found fishing will be fined RM100 per rod.

Bus services will be stopped temporarily at 12:15pm until 2.45pm for Friday Prayer break

Let's learn a variety of herbs at Herbs and Medicinal Garden, Taman Botani Negara Shah Alam while having a fun time with family and friends.

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